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May 1, 2021
The Pros & Cons of taking a Gap Year in Medical School

Introduction Medical school typically lasts four years. However, increasingly, more and more students are electing to take a Gap Year due to professional or personal reasons. Obviously, the decision is not one to take lightly. Opportunity costs are part of the calculus. Therefore, thoughtful balancing of the pros and cons take precedence in this important[…]

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April 15, 2021
How to Honor in Your Surgery Clerkship

Introduction Whether you currently rotate in your surgery rotation, about to start it, or are just a first-year student, you will find value in this blog. The important aspects I wish to convey is the value of performing at a high level and learning as much as you can, even if you committed to apply[…]

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April 1, 2021
How to Write an ERAS Personal Statement for Residency

Introduction The primary purpose of the personal statement is to look beyond the data that is GPA, Step Scores and Shelfs. The essay helps the author clarity their thoughts, and assists the program director learn about the writer’s interests, personality and future potential. Recall that the admissions process is holistic, a review of the whole[…]

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March 17, 2021
How To Write a Great Medical Student Resume

Introduction The primary purpose of the resume is to present the residency program director with a targeted summary of who you are, professionally and personally, including your priorities, interests and accomplishments. A well-constructed resume allows the residency program to quickly scan your academic, professional and personal profile easily and expeditiously. Contrary to popular belief, the[…]

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February 1, 2021
What Are the Top Medical Schools Looking For?

Introduction You’ve earned competitive grades and scored well on your MCAT. Is that enough? Well…… Yes and No! According to Socrates, “the unexamined life is not worth living.” He meant that without self-discovery, self-reflection and self-assessment, how can you envision the perfect future; and thus plan for it. There are approximately 200 medical schools in[…]

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January 1, 2021
You Got Rejected From Medical School

Introduction You poured your ‘heart and soul’ into your medical school applications. Yet, they sent you a polite yet terse ‘denial’ letters. You felt shocked; or perhaps you said, “it’s okay. I knew it would be tough.” The questions now are, what next? Do you give up, regroup and plow ahead with Plan B? Outline[…]

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November 1, 2020
Stanford University School of Medicine: Discover the new ‘Discovery Curriculum’

Mission Statement: Our mission at Stanford is to educate and inspire leaders in medicine and science who will improve the human health condition through discovery, innovation, scholarship, education, and the delivery of outstanding patient-centered care.   Following the aftermath of a report from the National Institutions of Health (NIH) that described major obstacles facing the[...]

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October 1, 2020
Health Care Disparities: Why Does it Matter?

  Health care disparities in America effects every American either directly or indirectly. It certainly impacts the poor, the underserved and the disenfranchised disproportionately. But, it also effects the affluent either personally or to the extent that it influences society as a whole. As defined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), health care disparities[…]

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September 1, 2020
Measure What Matters to Get into Medical School: Engaging Your ‘A’ Game

    Adapted from John Doerr’s book entitled ‘Measure What Matters’   There are several ways to keep you on track toward accomplishing  your goals. Some simply develop goals. Others define their mission of today and vision of tomorrow. A more comprehensive approach is to add an annual strategic plan, quarterly objectives and key results[…]

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August 1, 2020
Medical School and Social Media: The Internet Doesn’t Forget

  Introduction If not already, soon you will soon be applying to medical school in earnest. There are a few things that can sink your ambitious medical school plans faster than an inappropriate post from one of your social media accounts. Whether you frequent Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, “Big Brother” is watching and the “hammer[…]

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