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The Ideal Applicant

The truth is the perfect candidate doesn’t exist. But there is an ideal candidate.



At Physician Bound, we help you present the 25 qualities medical schools look for:

  1. Academic Intelligence
  2. Intellectual Vitality
  3. Success Through Challenging Coursework
  4. Sustained Interest and Passion
  5. Genuine and Authentic Presentation, with Confidence
  6. Outstanding Moral and Ethical Character
  7. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills
  8. Good Judgement, Professionalism, Reliability and Selflessness
  9. Compelling Narrative that shows with clarity what matters most to you, how you think, not just what you did, but why you did what you did, & what you felt, all while clearly articulating your short-term and long-term goals
  10. Qualities consistent with the mission of the institution
  11. Social Intelligence: Ability to work well with others, and in teams; engaging personality
  12. SMART Goals: Specific; Measurable; Attainable, Ambitious and Audacious; Relevant and Time-Limited
  13. Demonstrated history of taking advantage of opportunities
  14. Exceptional Personal Initiative through demonstrated high-impact leadership,  creativity, research, entrepreneurial spirit and community service —  evidence for having left your footprints in your wake
  15. National and International Leadership Potential
  16. Global World View
  17. Foreign Language Proficiency
  18. Demonstrated Growth and Progression in regards to Skills and Responsibilities
  19. Meaningful, Consistent & Compassionate Service to Humanity
  20. Special Talents that differentiate from the crowd
  21. Demonstrated, exceptional written and verbal communication Skills
  22. Analytical Skills
  23. Students that will contribute greatly to and benefit immensely from the entering class, the institution and the profession
  24. Applicants that can convey their message in their own voice, without “spin”
  25. Compelling applicant so intriguing that the admissions committee member would go out of their way to meet the applicant on campus for coffee or tea