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“The unprepared are destroyed by crisis. The average person survives a crisis. Exceptional people are improved by crisis.”

                                                     Adapted from Andy Grove


Ask The Right Questions


The Physician Bound approach is not to get you into your “dream program” because most dream programs tend to be misinformed decisions. Our primary objective is to find several “best fit, great match, medical schools and programs. These institutions appeal to your interests, values and goals. In this way, the program and you align. You are a great fit for the program; and the program is a great fit for you.


What Types of Uncommon Questions do Premier Medical Schools & Post-Graduate Programs Ask about your Qualifications?


Growth and Potential 

      • Have you reached your maximum academic and personal potential?
      • Are you dependable and reliable?
      • Do you challenge yourself?
      • Do you work to capacity in pursuit of your academic and personal ambitions?
      • Do you have the reserve power to do more?
      • How do you allocate your time?
      • Do you show initiative? Are you ambitious and couragious?
      • What motivates you?
      • What is your 20 – year vision?
      • Has your ability to positively impact others increased over time?

Interests and Activities

      • What do you care deeply about? Intellectually? Scholarly? Professionally? Personally?
      • What are your interests, and what have you learned? Why do you do what you do? Have you achieved? What have you learned from success and failure?
      • Do your take advantage of opportunities? Do you create opportunities? 
      • Are you interests and activities of high quality? Do you possess genuine and authentic commitment to making the word a better place?


Character and Personality

      • What choices have you made? Why?
      • Do you have good judgement?
      • Do you lead and can you be led?
      • Are you a late bloomer?
      • How open are you to new ideas and other opinions?
      • How well do you handle stress? Are you calm under pressure?
      • Do you possess initiative and an entrepreneurial Spirit?