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Frequently Asked Questions

The individuals invested in the success of Physician Bound have been advising students or part of admissions committees for years, Dr. Richardson as an anesthesiologist, Dr. Wey as a plastic surgeon and Dr. El Khashab as a brain surgeon. Whether helping our alma mater select candidates for admission or guiding applicants through the selective admissions process, we’ve positivity impacted many as they reach the next level of their education or training. We wish to offer our expertise to the next generation of medical students and PGYs.

  • We can assist you self-reflect and self-assess who you are and where you are going with clarity. We help you understand the process and explain what admissions officers look for in their applicants.
  • We help you draw from your activities, accomplishments, education and experiences to speak genuinely and in your own voice while telling a compelling story.
  • We also help you create a personalized strategic plan.
  • We assist you convey your main message across all platforms, including the essay, letters of recommendation, secondaries and interviews. Your voice presents as authentic and passionate so that you distinguish yourself and standout in a competitive field.
  • We help you build your edge through evidence-based, student-centered and client-specific methods.
  • We lower your stress and give you confidence
  • We are mostly Ivy League affiliated; primarily, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard and Princeton Universities.

Physician Bound is committed to forming a true partnership in which the client and the consultant work together fo the client’s benefit. We strive to continually re-think, re-build and re-engineer our world-class services to reach our highest potential and that of our clients. By accomplishing this, we aspire to become the destination of choice for high-achieving individuals that plan to attend premiere, research medical institutions.

  • Your main benefit from using Physician Bound services is that we help you apply strong, at your full potential and on time.
  • We assist you present yourself so that you showcase how you will positively impact your future classmates, the institution and society.
  • Our Comprehensive 5-Step Approach:
      • Self Assessment
      • Your Vision
      • Strategic Plan
      • Your Marketing Campaign
      • The Application and the Process 

Our Comprehensive Package begins at $8800. The a la carte fee schedule starts at $350 USD per hour, a great investment when you consider the advantages of an elite institution’s education, training and alumni network. 

A dream school is often the top place you want to go “emotionally,” before you have done a thorough analysis. But since you didn’t perform your due diligence, it is a mismatch. A ‘best fit’ school or program is one where you use your rational brain and critical thinking skills to thoroughly investigate the pros and cons of each institution. You consider your preferences, vision, goals and strengths in order find institutions that matches your ideals and values.

The Primary function of Physician Bound is to provide world-class medical school, residency and fellowship admissions guidance for clients who embody academic excellence, an insatiable curiosity for knowledge, genuine concern for mankind, impactful leadership, resilience in the face of adversity, and commitment to solving regional, national and global matters of importance.

Our methods uniquely align the interests, values and goals of our clients with medical institutions that nurture, support and complement them.

Physician Bound embarks on a partnership with clients by together planning for a meaningful, fulfilling and purposeful life. At our core, we strive to serve our clients admirably through virtue, excellence and truth.

  • Most of our clients need 15 – 20 hours. This entails a thorough academic, scholarly and personal profile review, followed by a strategic plan and personal statement. Some clients need as few as 7 -10 hours, for example, secondary essays and/or interview preparation.
  • Over 97% of our clients are satisfied with our consulting services. Many attend the Ivy League and other top programs, and recommend us to their friends.