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July 1, 2021

Is Harvard Medical School a Special Place?

  • Introduction


  • Harvard Medical School (HMS) is a very special place, the academic, mystical and scholarly reputation notwithstanding, the soul of the institution is unique among the elite. I will not venture to say HMS is the best. However, it is certainly a quintessential medical institution, attracting the best of the best students, faculty and staff from around the globe to its facilities.


  • Outline


  • Harvard Medical School:
        • Improves the Human Condition
        • Alleviates Pain & Suffering
        • Attracts the Best, to be their best
        • The Curriculum
        • Its Mission


  • Improves the Human Condition


      • All the characteristics and key events that compose essential human existence, including birth, growth, ambition, conflict and mortality, define the human condition. Harvard Medical School is built on the foundation of academically accomplished individuals that love learning, who create new knowledge, all toward making the world a ‘heathier’ place.


  • Alleviates Pain and Suffering


      • Discomfort, anguish and pain, as well as physical/emotional limitations, and trauma that accompany disease and injury, is in a phrase, “pain and suffering.”


      • HMS nobly and sincerely strives to alleviate human “pain and suffering” in all of its forms.


  • Attracts the Best, to be their Best


      • If medicine is your calling, there is no better place than Harvard Medical School.”
                  • Edward M. Hundert, MD Dean for Medical Education


      • HMS attracts the highest caliber applicants, faculty and staff from around the globe. They provide world-class resources and a nurturing, collaborative environment to assist each member of the community to reach their highest potential.


  • The Curriculum


  • (Health) Pathways Track


      • This recently revised approach promotes active learning and critical thinking, and earlier clinical experience.


      • The more basic science needed to succeed in the clinical clerkships is taught prior to the core clinical year.


      • While the more advance basic science concepts are taught after completion of the core clinical clerkships.


      • The third and fourth years focus on advanced scientific and clinical experiences; basic/translational science, social science, pharmacology and medical humanities; clinical electives and sub-internships; Steps 1 and 2.


      • The end-goal is to evolve into an independent, credentialed and licensed physician.


  • Health Sciences and Technology Track (HST)


      • The Harvard-MIT Program in HST is an uncommon collaboration between Harvard Medical School, Harvard University, Harvard-affiliated teaching hospitals and MIT. The mission is to cultivate high achieving students, faculty and leaders to solve human health conditions.


      • Students with engineering and scientific expertise engage in two preclinical years, followed in sequence by the Principle Clinical Experience and the Anchoring Clinical Experience.


      • Subsequently, HST MD students engage in independent research under the supervision of a faculty member, either longitudinally or /in a dedicated research block.


  • The Harvard Medical School Mission


      • To nurture a diverse, inclusive community dedicated to alleviating suffering and improving health and well-being for all (earthly creatures) through excellence in teaching and learning, discovery and scholarship, through service and leadership.


  • In Summary


      • HMS is indeed a special place!




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